Students told to rely on memory table for exams

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Vijayeebhava-2009 held at Andhra Loyola College

Trainer gives tips on memory enhancement

VIJAYAWADA: The boundless power of the brain can be tapped and put to optimum use by students with the help of a memory table, according to personality development trainer Squadron Leader Jaysimha.

Addressing SSC students of Narayana College, Vijayawada, at Vijayeebhava –2009 organised on the campus of Andhra Loyola College on Sunday, Mr. Jaysimha pointed out that everybody speaks about the need to enhance memory power for good academic result but seldom do they explain to the students about the technical aspects on how to go about the exercise. “Despite putting in great efforts in learning the contents of the syllabus, many children tend to forget their answers in the examination hall.

The memory loss could be attributed to nervousness,” he maintained.

Demonstrating tips on memory enhancement, he said preparation of a memory table could go a long way in equipping a child with adequate confidence. Explaining in detail how the brain received, stored and reproduced information, he said children must shun fear and focus on strengthening their weak areas.

“The right brain grasps the storyline of theoretical part while the left brain takes care of the logical side of the information,” he said.

He advised the students to divide their entire course into three categories of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ where ‘A’ must denote the portion which had thoroughly been read and revised. The ‘B’ category lessons should be the ones about which one is not really sure while ‘C’ could imply the untouched portion he said.

Vice-chairman of the Narayana Group of Institutions D.V. Rao, and Management consultant M.C. Das spoke .

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