Students should be encouraged to express their ideas: MLC

Staff Reporter

Rajahmundry: MLC Chukka Ramaiah has called upon teachers to spare enough thought as to how many best students were passing out of their college, while fighting for their right for better salaries and service conditions. He opined that only then would the education standards improve and the respective institutions earn good names.

Addressing a seminar on the ‘Role of teachers in changing society’ organised by Sociology Department at Government Arts College here on Wednesday, Mr. Ramaiah said teachers were equally responsible for the decline in ethics, as the students are. Few teachers pay attention to the behaviour of students which was crucial for them to come up in future. teachers have to make efforts to properly mould the students to achieve the desired results.

Mr. Ramaiah observed that the spurt in attacks on girls was largely due to the failure of the teachers to instil discipline among students.

Parents have also to be blamed for giving too much freedom for their children, leading to incidents like the ones being seen nowadays.

With the mushrooming of corporate colleges, there seemed to be less individual attention on students, causing their failure in examinations and other adverse results.

Students should be encouraged to ventilate their ideas and frankly put forth their views so that they develop broadmindedness, Mr. Ramaiah said.

Only then the country could achieve meaningful progress in the field of education. Adding Intermediate marks to EAMCET ranks should not be construed as a means to herald the desired changes in the education system, he added. Sociology Department head J Sarath Kumar presided.

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