Student produces documentary on streetchildren

Team effort: The film crew which produced documentary ‘The Street Diaries’.

Team effort: The film crew which produced documentary ‘The Street Diaries’.  

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VISAKHAPATNAM: It is said that youth is the backbone of a nation. And when they do something meaningful, it creates an impact. Taking a cue from that, a final-year chemical engineering student of GMR Institute of Technology in Rajam, has done something on those lines.

When most of his classmates and friends were busy with their academics and other extra- curricular activities, Cheemalapati Shekar has found some time to produce a documentary on the travails of streetchildren.

Armed with a handycam, he walked the dingy world of the street children to accumulate footage for his film.

A year back, he produced his maiden film ‘Street diaries’ that focussed on the life of the unfortunate children. He has now come up with another ten-minute film that shows how and why these children take the anti-social route, thanks to the unkind behaviour of the society.

Through the film, he appeals to the society to take up the cause and guide such children in the right track by showing some concern.

Shekar also produced and directed another 23-minute documentary showcasing various ways how the students get addicted to smoking.

The film highlights the evils of smoking like nicotine withdrawal and nicotine dependence.

He was ably supported by his classmates and friends Praveen, Abhijeet, Sameer, Vijay, Avinash, Harita, Nazma, Preeti, Vinay, Azam and Satya in the cast and the music was given by Sricharan. Shekar was responsible for the screenplay and direction for both the films.

He intends to screen his films at various forums to generate collective response.

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