State geared to meet power needs: Minister

Special Correspondent

Purchasing 5.4 million units everyday

HYDERABAD: Power Minister Mohd. Ali Shabbir on Tuesday said that the Government was fully geared to meet the growing demand for electricity in the State.

The Government was purchasing 5.4 million units of power everyday. Mr. Shabbir released the schedule of release of water from the hydel reservoirs to generate power for the coming three months. Around 115 tmcft of water was available as on Monday at Srisailam for generating 630 million units till May 2007. While the minimum draw down level (MDDL) was 800 feet, the reservoir had 864.2 feet of water now, as against 872.8 feet as on January 16, last year. Similarly, Nagarjunasagar reservoir had 557.2 feet (as against 565 feet on Jan. 16 last year).

Hydel generation

He said that an average 700 MW of power would be added by hydel generation in February to meet the growing demand. While the current demand was pegged at 155 million units a day, it might go even up to 170 mu to 180 mu a day during March.

The Minister said that the State was facing a shortage of 529 MW because of scarcity of gas in gas-based units, and other technical reasons in other power plants. The Government would synchronise different power plants to add 459 MW (210 MW each from RTPP-II and RTPP-III, 39 MW from Jurala) this year. Another 1,167 MW of power (500 MW from VTPS-IV; 500 MW from Kakatiya thermal; 117 MW from Jurala and; 50 MW from Nagarjunasagar tail pond hydel project) would be added by 2008.

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