Stars rule the academic year

K. Mrityunjaya Ram

Rationalists exhort parents to be practical

Private college managements consult astrologers

Some teachers visited schools a day before

NELLORE: Call it superstition or belief in astrology, many parents sent their children to schools only on Wednesday, a day after they reopened on June 12.

Parents, who swear by astrology, preferred Wednesday to Tuesday, as the latter is believed to be inauspicious. So is the case with new admissions too as only a few parents came forward to enrol their children in any Government-run school fearing that both -- the day as well as the star ‘Bharani’ would hamper their children’s educational prospects.

Thin attendance

As the result, thin attendance was registered in almost all Government schools on the first day.

Most of the students of Class X and VII, particularly, religiously avoided Tuesday and attended only on Wednesday citing astrological reasons, said a teacher.

However, many private schools commenced classes for the new academic year well in advance.

“With most of the parents attaching a lot of importance to ‘muhurtams,’ many private college managements every year consult astrologers and accordingly reopen schools,” said M. Sudhakar Reddy, a schoolteacher working in a private school.

Hence most of the schools reopened on June 7 since the day considered was auspicious to begin classes for the new academic year with day being a Thursday, ruling star Shatabhisam and Tithi is Saptami.

Some teachers working in mandal parishad elementary schools, Zilla Parishad high schools and other Government, who follow astrology religiously, paid a visit on Monday, a day ahead of the reopening, to avoid ‘ill effects’, claimed astrologer M. Madhusudhana Sastry.

“Against this backdrop, the Government should commence the new academic year on an auspicious day only so that it brings relief to both parents and school managements on many fronts,” the astrologer said.

But rationalists ridiculed the idea and advised parents to inculcate scientific temper among their wards.

Private college managements consult astrologers

Some teachers visited schools a day before

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