Staff division: Panel tenure extended

It is close to two years since the birth of AP and Telangana post-bifurcation of the State in June 2014. But allocation of employees between the two States is still in progress.

The UPA Government, led by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, had in March 2014 appointed an Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of C.R. Kamalanathan, a former civil servant of AP cadre, for distribution of State-cadre employees between the two States. The committee submitted its report in October 2014 and the Personnel Ministry had forwarded the draft guidelines to both the State governments with modification on ‘Octopus and Greyhound Forces’.

After several extensions, the committee completed its job on all the 90 departments and tentative allocation had been published in respect of 90 departments calling for objections/representations. This is the work in progress part. A few days ago Chief Secretaries of both AP and Telangana have been informed that the term of the committee is pushed to December 31 as all the issues pertaining to objections and representations are yet to be dealt with.

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