Spelling ‘bees’ create a buzz of excitement

Brainy lot: Students of Ramakrishna and Sri Ramakrishna schools N. Suraj, K. Durga Bhavani, E. Shivani and Md. Sameer Sohaiel displaying their skills in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday. —   | Photo Credit: Photo: K.R. Deepak

Special Correspondent

Six students of Ramakrishna schools qualify for MaRRS international meet

VISAKHAPATNAM: These half-a-dozen children have mastered spellings and are good at phonetics and solving crossword puzzles too.

The untiring efforts of the teachers of Ramakrishna and Sri Ramakrishna schools in honing their skills have helped them qualify for the MaRRS International Spelling Bee competition to be held in association with the Cambridge University Press in Mumbai in August.

The six students qualified from different categories at the National-level competition held in Chennai recently. Among them, Md. Sameer Sohaiel and S.T. Yasar secured 5th rank in category II and IV respectively; R. Swetha claimed the 6th rank in category IV while E. Shivani, K. Durga Bhavani and N. Suraj qualified for the Mumbai meet from different categories.

A feat

They have gone through the grind, and the boys and girls and their teachers are happy to see as many as six from the school in the international meet. The Spelling Bee competition is being held for schoolchildren of India and UAE. The competition is held for every class.

“Every one can spell out the words but it is not enough in this competition. The competitors are asked to spell out words said in phonetic language. One must be thorough with the dictionaries for the dictation part. Giving the right answer alone does not get good marks. One must be quick and sharp,” explained D. Padma, one of the four teachers who trained the children.

The exam is almost on par with the GRE and TOEFL. The organisers of the competition will only provide model papers but one needs to study as many books and dictionaries as possible and understand the pronunciation of words. The children have gone through many dictionaries to know the words and phonetics. The achievements of the children were explained at a press conference here on Tuesday. Governing Body representative A. Balasaraswathi, principal G.V. Ravindrudu, teachers Ms. Padma, B. Durga Prasad and K. Ramani were present. Three other teachers who trained the pupils and winners – Yasar and Swetha – could not make it to the press conference.

One of the winners K. Durga Bhavani said she and others read a lot of dictionaries and books provided by the school. She found the competition a bit tough and faced toughest questions in the crossword section.

As many as 150 boys and girls participated in the school-level competition and 120 of them secured ranks according to the marks set by MaRRS.

In the district-level competition, 55 out of 100 participants from the school finished with good ranks and Ramakrishna schools dominated the State-level meet held in Warangal by grabbing eight out of the 15 prizes.

In the National-level competition, 20 of its students participated and six qualified to participate in the international competition with three of them securing ranks.