Specially designed hats for World Military Games

V. V. Subrahmanyam

The hemp material is imported from China but is fabricated in India

HYDERABAD: The fourth Military World Games should be with a big difference. Not just for the record number 100 countries taking part but for the touch of class the organisers are trying to give to the whole conduct of the events. They want this event to be special in appearance too, compared to the inaugural 2003 Afro-Asian Games, the previous biggest sporting event in the city.

Specially designed 5,000 caps and 1,500 hats will make sports lovers have a second-look at the volunteers and officials who are going to sport them right through the second biggest sporting event after Olympics in the city from October 14 to 21. The city-based ‘Tokens’ firm got the order through tenders and is making special efforts to give a new look to the games itself.

“The sheer passion for the sport and being an ex-Serviceman myself (worked with College of Air Warfare for 25 years), I did extensive research and took close to three months to get the design finally approved from a select few by the senior officials of the Games,” says Group Captain (retd.) A. C. Rajeev, a product of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket.

What is so special about these hats and caps? “The hemp material is imported from China but it is fabricated in India. The highlight should be the badge specifically designed for the Games, stitched on to the maroon band on the hats. The Games logo and the mascot should be striking because they are intricately woven to be above the right ear,” he explains.

So similar to the passion with which the military officers for the Games, Rajeev points that he is doing it for national pride and not for money as he is giving them at an average of Rs. 380 while they actually cost about Rs. 1,000 each. “To be part of the Games is the driving force for me,” he insists. “We have to be different.”

And it is not just these hats and caps that ‘Tokens’ is involved. It is also manufacturing cotton T-shirts for the officials. And, when Hollywood star Kabir Bedi was involved at some stage in the designing of these items, there has to be a touch of glamour to the whole affair indeed.

Come October 14, the city might well be dotted with these caps and hats across the venues for the Military Games.

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