Some respectable politics this

The cinematic touch is back. Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi appeared to be a down-to-earth person with a pleasant smile, in his public appearances initially. But gradually his cinema persona appears to be taking over him.

In Pulivendula, he tried to re-enact a scene from his successful movie by twirling his moustache. Symbolically, it must have been his response to the Pulivendula incident. Apparently his followers too can not get over the cinema effect. At a programme to protest against the Pulivendula incident, there was this junior artiste with a complete make up of a ‘Rakshasa’, with a board identifying himself as the Chief Minister.

Interestingly, the placards held aloft by the protestors had slogans demanding ‘respectable politics’ be practiced. Now the question is whether depicting a rival political leader as a ‘demon’ can be construed as ‘respectable politics’!


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