Sira’s shattered dreams Synopsis

Butterfly Wings

Sira’s parents make a living by singing and dancing on the streets. Her father is a heart patient but cannot afford the expensive treatment. Sira dreams of owning a bicycle one day and starts collecting money for it and in the process resorts to ways of making quick money. One day he unexpectedly receives a large amount but on returning home finds that his father has been hospitalised. Sira spends all the money to save his father’s life, but in vain. Directed by Somaratne Dissanayake from Sri Lanka.


Lilkee, a 10-year-old domestic help from Nainital, is brought up in Mumbai by a young architect Bela. She finds the city life difficult and encounters a gang of four girls, who are rich spoilt brats. The girls end up in a misadventure and get scolded for it while the Lilkee is admitted to their school by her kind hearted employer.

Scribble’s Adventure – Captain Flint’s Old Sofa

Scribble finds a treasure map by accident in an old sofa and goes out hunting for it.

Captain Flints wants to prevent her at all costs from finding his treasure but fortunately, Scribble is accompanied by a brave little crab.

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