Siddhartha college abuzz with budding engineers

GUNNING FOR GLORY: Future engineers take aim in a shooting game at VRSE College in Vijayawada on Thursday. PHOTO: CH.VIJAYA BHASKAR  

G. Ravikiran

4,000 students participate in a variety of events

Many use the occasion to get their stars read Students test their marketing skills

VIJAYAWADA: Abundantly rich in creative ideas, the young ones captured the magic moment and enjoyed every bit of it. Future engineers had a wonderful time when they were engaged in an exuberantly wide variety of academic and extra-curricular activities at the colourful `fete' at VR Siddhartha Engineering College (VRSEC) on Friday.

Pulling all the right strings, the cheerful brigade turned the event into a resounding success with active and spirited cooperation from the industry, college management and faculty.

Acid test

Everybody thought that it would be an acid test for the students' marketing, academic and soft skills, but the fete transformed into an easy platform for the young people to showcase their myriad talents. Student managed stalls, fun games and cultural programmes.

Young girls going trigger-happy and training guns at balloon targets presented a rare and lively sight at the venue of the fete. The spirit of participation was so contagious that others passing by came near and eventually ended up taking their aim at the targets.

To make the fete an all-inclusive affair, the organisers brought a bunch of fortune-tellers to make parrot reading available with the help of green parakeets. Young ones used the occasion to get their stars read and know what was in store for them in the corridors of software and corporate majors.

Mutual cooperation

SEC principal K.R.K. Prasad sounded nostalgic at the active participation of students from different colleges in the city and surrounding areas.

"Nearly 4,000 students have participated in the programme. It has rightly served its purpose. It is a unique opportunity to test their marketing skills," said Mr. Prasad.

Though the fete was largely organised to bid farewell to the 710-odd final year students of M.Tech, B.Tech and MCA, all other students registered their enthusiastic presence.

Weeks of planning and days of mutual cooperation helped the young ones to conduct the events with precision.