Several reasons for debacle of Ministers

Son’s style of functioning as Nizamabad Mayor leads to DS’ downfall

Alleged ‘negative’ image earned by a close relative of Md. Ali Shabbir led to his drubbing

Resentment among the red jowar growers appeared to have sealed K.R. Suresh Reddy’s fate

HYDERABAD: With anti-incumbency factor against the Congress Government being next to nothing in the recent elections, the sailing should have been smooth for the senior Congress leaders including 14 Ministers who lost.

But, things seem to have gone awry for them with local issues that could have been sorted out turning out to be their Waterloo. Interesting details are now emerging as to how ruling party leaders were done in. The ‘bad track record’ of kith and kin of a couple of leaders also added to their humiliating electoral debacle.

Beginning with APCC president D. Srinivas, Ministers – Md. Ali Shabbir and D. S. Redya Naik and A. Indrakaran Reddy (Nirmal) had to pay for the actions of their kith and kin.

Nizamabad Mayor D. Sanjay’s style of functioning that allegedly created ‘ill will’ among the voters was one of the major reasons for the APCC president’s humiliating defeat.

The alleged ‘negative’ image earned by a close relative of Mr. Md Ali Shabbir led to his drubbing at the hands of Gampa Goverdhan (TDP).

Speaker K. R. Suresh Reddy may be ruing his decision to shift from Balkonda to neighbouring Armoor constituency. But, resentment among the red jowar growers appeared to have sealed his fate.

In Nirmal constituency, Mr. Indrakaran Reddy had to suffer because of clash of liquor business interest between his brother A. Muralidhar Reddy and TDP candidate A. Maheswar Reddy.

Minister G. Chinna Reddy’s failure to ensure daily water supply for Wanaparthy town, where locals got water every 12 days turned out to be his nemesis.

Sympathy wave for the TDP candidates, who lost successive elections, ruined the winning track record of Ministers – T. Jeevan Reddy and D.S. Redya Naik. For example, Mr. Reddy’s opponent L. Ramana, lost five elections in the last 10 years.

Similarly, Satyavathi Rathod, the TDP nominees from Dornakal (ST), who earned the sympathy of voters standing behind her party ultimately, unseated Mr. Redya Naik.

The Minister also earned the ire of party men for getting tickets for his daughter and close relative Balaram Naik (Mahabubabad ST parliamentary constituency).

Delimitation spoiled the chances of Ministers – J. Ratnakar Rao (Korutla), Pinnamaneni Venkateswara Rao (Gudivada), and Sambhani Chandrasekhar (Sathupalli - SC). Internal bickering spelt doom for N. Rajyalakshmi (Venkatagiri) while Minister G. Vinod’s inaccessibility drew voter’s ire in Chennur. R. Chenga Reddy’s running feud with G. Muddukrishnama Naidu (TDP) culminated in his defeat in Nagari.

The presence of Praja Rajyam candidate’s presence in Avanigadda constituency split the Kapu votes benefiting TDP nominee Ambati Brahmnaiah and putting an end to Minister Mandali Buddha Prasad’s dream of another stint.

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