Sending e-mail via post

P. Sujatha Varma

The facility is beneficial for Internet buffs who do not have a computer at home

Messages can be in any languageCity department gets about 500 messages per monthThe tariff for sending an A4 size mail is Rs. 10Companies like TVS use the service extensively

VIJAYAWADA: As part of a vigorous drive to bring about a positive change in the conventional image of the Postal Department, authorities at the helm of affairs in Vijayawada region have introduced e-Post facility.

The provision caters to the Internet buffs who do not have a computer at home. The advantage of it is that whether you are in a metropolis or in a village, you too can send and receive e-mails through e-Post even without you or the addressee having access to a computer or Internet facility. Your messages can be in any language and can even be hand written. They can also contain a picture or a graphic. "Though the new facility was launched nearly five years ago, not many people are aware of it due to lack of proper publicity. Currently, we get around 500 messages a month but our target is to enhance it to 10,000," says B.V. Sudhakar, postmaster-general, Vijayawada region.

The procedure

It is simple. Go to the nearest computerised post office and hand over your mail to the staff. The e-Post centre at the post office will scan and e-mail the messages on the Internet and the destination e-Post centre will print and deliver the e-Post to the addressees through postmen. But make sure that the destination post office should also have an e-Post centre (it should be computerised). The sender must pay a tariff of Rs. 10 for sending an A4 size mail, per addressee. Besides postal addresses in the country, the e-Post message can also be sent to e-mail ID(s) anywhere in the world.

Special messengers

Every morning, the post office staff checks the e-mails and download the messages. The printouts are put in closed service envelopes and handed over to the postman before he goes on his daily beat.

"If a message lands after the post man's exit, we press into service special messengers to deliver the cover," Mr. Sudhakar explains.

He said besides the existing 300 post offices in the region which has this facility, the department intends to add 97 more this year. "Companies like TVS are using the service extensively to send reminders to defaulters.

Taking cue from it, even Bajaj is contemplating on similar lines," he claims.

For corporates

The new mode also comes handy for corporate bodies to disseminate important messages to the staff, he says expressing hope that more people will make use of the facility in the coming days.