Seminar highlights works of Rumi

HYDERABAD: Consul-General of Islamic Republic of Iran Agha Hossein Ravish on Monday described Moulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi as a great mystic and humanist to the core transcending national and ethnic borders.

Mr. Ravish said Rumi’s works throw light on the ubiquity and universality of his message of brotherhood, peace and love.

While taking part in the two-day national seminar on ‘Rumi and his teachings in the context of contemporary world’ at Department of Persian, Osmania University, Mr. Ravish quoted several of Rumi’s famous works. On the occasion, Consul-General of Afghanistan Agha Gul Hussain Ahmadi released a book on ‘Time Management in Islam’ written by professor S.M. Tanveeruddin, Head of Department of Persian, OU.

Mr. Ahmadi mentioned that oneness of God and unity of mankind stood out as the central tenets of Rumi philosophy. He also described as to how Rumi, arguably the most widely read poets in world, emphasised on spiritual upliftment. OU Vice-Chancellor Suleman Siddiqi said that Rumi’s message was ever-lasting love for reality.

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