Sankranti Prabha delights all

EYE-CATCHING: Prabha in full glory in Konaseema.

EYE-CATCHING: Prabha in full glory in Konaseema.  

B.V.S. Bhaskar

It is held on the third day of Sankranti

Kothapeta (East Godavari): If you speak about `Prabhalu' (decorated arches denoting culture and tradition of rural life), Kotappakonda Prabhalu of Guntur district will come to your mind.

Colourful procession

Those Prabhalu are taken out in a huge procession from different parts of the Narasaraopet, Chilakaluripeta constituencies.

In East Godavari, Prabhalu are taken out in colourful processions only in Konaseema area. Kothapeta, Ambazipeta and Jagganna Thota Prabhalu are popular in Konaseema.

Unlike in Guntur district, the Konaseema Prabha festival is held on third day of Sankranti, that is, Kanuma.

The Prabhalu were taken out in 110 villages in Konaseema on Tuesday.

The main attraction is the height of the Prabha and Tondavaram Todeswaraswami Prabha with a height of 42 feet is the tallest in Konaseema.


Ekadasa Rudra Prabhalu of Mosalapalli of Jaganna Thota village are most popular and having a history of 400 years.

"There is a proof of plaque belonging to 1903 in Bhogeswara temple in Mosalapalli village. Prabhalu used to come from Jaganna Thota and other villages to this place," said Sastry, chief priest of Bhogeswara temple.

Love for motherland

Non-resident Indians, mostly from USA, come to witness Prabhalu during Sankranti.

"We love our motherland because the tradition and culture here through this type of festivals keeps all sections of people together and we enjoy our holidays in our native place," said Nischala Reddy, who is doing her M.S. in London and a native of Kothapeta.

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