Saga of unrequited love

Film: Nestama

Cast: Akash, Biyanka

Direction: Ravindra Reddy

A story of friendship, love and conflicting emotions, Nestama has three characters, Ravi (Akash), Sandya (Biyanka) and Poonam (Poonam Singar), childhood friends who meet after a long time and struggle to express their emotions. While Ravi and Sandya share a platonic relationship, Poonam loses her heart to Ravi. Ahuti Prasad, who is Ravi’s father, helps the story move forward by his over-imaginative thinking. He takes a word from his son that he’d help her only if they don’t get involved with each other. While on one hand Poonam suffers from unrequited love there is a doting son who doesn’t want to go against his father’s wishes when he realises he has actually fallen in love with Sandya. Will he break the promise for his lady love? A definite ‘no’ for the intellectually equipped, ‘Nestama’ might venture into the heart but might not stay on for a long time.


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