Rs. 3 lakh stolen from parked car

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Thieves made good with Rs. 3 lakh from a stationed Tavera car even as the driver was in his seat during daytime on Tuesday at Kukatpally.

Raghavendra Chari, a tourist operator from Santoshnagar, came to ICICI Bank’s Kukatpally branch along with Raji Reddy, owner of the Tavera which he wanted to buy. He kept the cash in a box near the gear shaft, told the driver to keep an eye and walked inside the bank with Reddy.

When the two returned a few minutes later, they found that the cash had disappeared from the box. “The driver says thieves probably took away the cash by inserting a hand through the left window glass which was kept open,” Kukatpally Inspector said.

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