Rescue Central pensioners

It is heartening to know that the VI Central Pay Commission has recommended a three-fold increase of pay for Central Government employees. Needless to mention here that the Centre should pay attention to the plight of large number of Central Government pensioners. The existing fixed medical allowance of Rs.100 a month is inadequate.

V.B. Swamy


Why discrimination?

Postal Life Insurance (PLI) business is procured by field officers (FO) who are retired and experienced post masters and marketing executives who are young but inexperienced. While field officers should wait for commission for two or three years, the marketing executives get Rs.2,500 every month towards motor cycle allowance on a business of Rs.10 lakhs. I secured PLI business of Rs.2.13 crores for the year 2003-04 at an average of Rs.17 lakhs a month. The full incentive commission on this was given to me by the Chief Post Master General, Hyderabad on May 12, 2007, after a delay of 36 months. He gave me the incentive on only Rs.1.73 crores on the plea that the policies were not renewed. But in the case of marketing executives, incentive is given irrespective of renewal of policies.

A.V.G. Krishna


Railways’ negligence

Visakhapatnam has been subjected to negligence by Railway authorities for long. The public demand for the merger of Visakhapatnam in South Central Railway was not considered, trains like Visakha Express and Prasanthi Express were extended from Visakhapatnam up to Bhubaneswar while trains from the other side were not extended up to Visakhapatnam.

T.V. Nageswara Rao


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