Rehabilitation package announced for Chenchus

Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: Collector M. Dana Kishore announced a Rs. 1.31-crore relief package for 232 Chenchu families near Panyam in Kurnool district on Monday. The district administration launched a special package to wean away the families from bootlegging and other offences.

The Chenchu families, which were displaced from the forest area, took to brewing of illicit liquor in the absence of any gainful employment and often indulged in highway robbery and other offences.

Initially, the Collector announced a pension of Rs. 2,000 for each family for three months, which would work out to Rs. 13 lakhs. Also, 47 persons were sanctioned old age pensions and seven were sanctioned disabled pensions.

A Residential Bridge School was opened for the children and rehabilitation package of Rs. 50,000 for each family was announced for creating an alternative source of income.

The officials said that all sops would be withdrawn if the families resorted to their old profession.

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