Redya Naik loses, daughter wins

Tribals accuse Redya Naik of resorting to nepotism

Kavitha defeats senior TRS politician Chandulal

WARANGAL: Seasoned politician and former Congress Minister D. S. Redya Naik who won from Dornakal for four consecutive terms had lost this time and surprisingly his daughter Malothu Kavitha, a novice in politics won from Mahababubad Assembly segment.

In his defeat, Mr. Redya Naik seems to have set a record too by losing the seat to another party for the first time since 1957. Congress senior leader Nookala Ramachandra Reddy represented Dornakal constituency from 1957 to 1972 and R. Surender Reddy won this seat four times from 1974 to 1989 and Mr. Redya Naik represented this segment from 1989 to 2009. TDP candidate Satyavathi Rathod who had been contesting from this constituency since 1989 had lost to Mr. Redya Naik in just 5,000 votes first time when she contested. The tribals who are traditionally Congress loyalists strangely desired for a change. Most of them accused Mr. Redya Naik of resorting to nepotism by preventing other tribals from growing in politics. He secured Mahabubabad Assembly seat which was reserved for STs this time for his own daugther Ms. Kavitha. He also played a key role in securing the Mahababubabad Parliamentary seat for his relative Porika Balaram Naik. Strong discontentment against Mr. Redya Naik and sympathy factor to Ms Satyavathi Rathod reversed the voting process. Meanwhile, Ms. Kavitha could secure highest majority among the winners of the party by defeating senior politician and TRS candidate Azmeera Chandulal.

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