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Skewed approach

Of late Visakhapatnam has been made a hub for international conferences, with the latest being the BRICS Urbanisation Summit.

Among the ‘BRICS’ countries, India with its population spread in rural and urban areas and the contribution of the agriculture sector to the GDP being significant stands out. Creation of a few urban agglomerates may not fit into a good economic model.

A.P. is blessed with a long sea coast and fertile land along with a number of well-developed towns surrounded by self-sufficient villages for comfortable living. Craze being created for urbanisation in very limited pockets is certainly a skewed approach aping the development process in Europe.

In hard-selling the prospects in store at Amaravati to BRICS nations, the Chief Minister ignored the highly rated Visakhapatnam. His obsession with Amaravati may not do any good to A.P. as whole.

Prithvi Koneru


Bronze statues

With many prestigious events being conducted in the city, many tourists, including foreign dignitaries, visit the Beach Road. To improve the appearance and enhance the scenic beauty of the Beach Road, all the statues should be converted into bronze statues.

A brief history of the famous personalities should be inscribed so that present and future generations will know about such stalwarts. There is also a need to install statues of eminent personalities who have brought Visakhapatnam name and fame.

V.V. Shiv Kumar


Movement for SCS

While it is universally accepted fact that the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh was unjustified, it is difficult for the new State to survive unless magnanimous help comes from the Centre than what was incorporated in the A.P Re-organisation Act and the promises made at the time of division.

People of A.P. now look for unprecedented help from the Centre. Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu, known for jugglery of words and expected to be saviour of the crippled State, is not effective.

N. Chandrababu Naidu, in whom people reposed faith voting him to power, showed himself as helpless for no valid reasons. Now we are at the mercy of the Central government and only a people’s movement can sensitize the powers that be.

K. M. Lakshmana Rao


VUDA should take action

VUDA has developed its layout at Kurmannapalem in seven phases since mid-1980s. A total of 2058 plots have been developed in an extent of 189 acres.

As per the terms and conditions of allotment, the allottees have to start construction of house within six months and complete it within two years.

However, in spite of notices being issued, the allottees have not taken up construction of houses. Some are selling the plots.

The residents of the colony are facing hardship owing to non-construction of houses. Those who have not constructed houses are not clearing the jungle-like growth in the plots and turning them habitat for snakes, scorpions and insects.

VUDA has allotted sites to APSRTC and the Postal Department. They also have not commenced construction except erecting compound wall.

VUDA should take action against all such persons at the earliest.

Kanchumurthy Eswar


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