Rare surgery performed

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: In what is being claimed as a ‘rare’surgery, a hand re-implantation was carried out at the city-based Meher Hospitals, Gandhinagar.

Orthopaedic surgeon Meher Prasanna R. and plastic surgeon A. Ravi Kumar dealt with the case when Ajay, a youngster, was brought to the hospital in a very bad condition. The patient’s left hand was severed to above the wrist, when he was cleaning a cutting machine. The doctors attended the case, even as the severed hand was brought in a plastic bag. “We applied pressure dressing to the bleeding end of hand and cleaned the severed hand. We then wrapped it in a sterile plastic cover and placed it in an ice pack to prevent autolysis or cell destruction, as a preparation for re-implantation,” said Dr. Meher.

After 10 hours of surgical ordeal, the hand was re-planted with good result and satisfaction. Dr. Lakshmi Narayana, anaesthetist, also participated in the surgery.

Dr. Meher said the nerves and blood vessels were repaired using the material finer than hair. Most cases of crush injuries usually end up in amputation. An awareness to preserve the severed part and timely medical attention could save a limb or life. In this case, timely medical treatment saved the limb.

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