Public support to check illicit brewing sought

Staff Reporter

KHAMMAM: Superintendent of Police, Mahesh M. Bhagwat on Thursday sought the cooperation of people in the village to curb illicit brewing.

Requests came in torrent from people during the ‘dial your SP programmes’ for steps to check the sale of ID liquor in the tribal tandas. One of the callers said that the practice assumed serious proportions in Arekodu Tanda.

Responding to him the SP said that the raids will be organized in coordination with the excise department. But the people too have a greater role to play in this regard. He wanted them to stay away from the ID liquor outlets.

The SP assured another caller from Kothagudem that the cases pertaining domestic violence would be dealt with seriously without any delay. The caller had complained that his daughter had attempted to commit suicide because of the harassment of in-laws.

Her husband was arrested after lodging a complaint with the police. But no action was taken against all others responsible in the family. The superintendent of police entrusted the task of enquiry into the case to the sub divisional police officer of Kothagudem.

He had assured the caller of action after completing the investigation. An advocate from Khammam town complained that a good number of fruit shops had come up by encroaching the road from Khammam two town police station to the Court complex.

He said that no parking place was left for the vehicle in the busy locality. The superintendent of police had instructed the traffic inspected to the take stock of the problem and initiate action.

Assistant pastor from the CSI church informed the superintendent of police that some 40 street children were residing on the platforms of the Khammam Railway station. Organized gangs had been using them for certain illegal activities.

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