Prospects of paddy yield bright


Incessant rain will not damage crops: official

Paddy is primarily an aquatic plant

District receives good rain during kharif

Kakinada: The incessant rain for the past three days has caused inundation of 6,752 hectares of paddy and 3,500 hectares of other crops in the district. But, there will not be any damage as the crops are not in flowering stage, according to Joint Director of Agriculture I. Ramakrishnamurthy.

Aquatic plant

He said these rains were welcome as inundation would be only for a couple of days. “Moreover, paddy is primarily an aquatic plant and can withstand inundation. It takes few weeks for flowering,” he said. The Joint Director said that the Swarna variety of paddy could withstand inundation for a week and others some five days. The other crops that were inundated included 2,254 hectares of cotton, 60 hectares of chilli, 381 hectares of onion and 600 hectares of vegetables. He said unlike the previous years, the district received fairly good rains during kharif beginning June. As against the normal of 701 mm rainfall, the actual rainfall received during the season was 893 mm, which was 27.4 per cent in excess.

Rain days

In terms of the number of rainy days from June to September, he said it was 64 days this year, which was the highest in the last 15 years. The previous highest was during 2005 when 44 rain days were recorded. Another novel feature this year was that the rains were widespread and not erratic.

With a congenial atmosphere prevailing, he was confident that the kharif yield would surpass the target of 3,217 kg per hectare. The district topped the State by achieving record paddy production of 5,388 kg per hectare during last rabi season.

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