Prohibition agenda

Our heart bleeds for the over 200 innocent victims of hooch tragedy on Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. The business of bootleggers has been going unabated. The political parties always include ‘prohibition’ in their election manifesto but in practice, they contribute their best to encourage consumption of alcohol. It is ultimately the voters, the chunk of who hail from middle class and below poverty line, that remains victimised. The voter should introspect and vote for a good candidate who is a teetotaller, educated and with exemplary background and who can steer the government towards welfare of the common man.

N.V. Rama Rao


Car drivers beware

The entire Visakhapatnam city has been dug in the name of providing underground drainage system. No road is spared and on either side of every road heaps of stones and soil are dumped. This will badly affect vehicle drivers and owners, particularly of small cars as the front suspension, drive shafts on both sides are likely to be damaged. Also, due to turbulent movement, the wiring connections, suspension and nuts and bolts would get loosened. As there are no conditions prevail for smooth driving, I advise vehicle owners to take extra care in their maintenance while appealing to the GVMC authorities to relay the roads at the earliest for the convenience of the general public.



Stagger timings of colleges

There are a lot of private educational institutions in the city, particularly near Aseelmetta junction. Almost all of them observe the same timings resulting in stampede to get into buses. I suggest that these educational institutions follow different working hours to overcome this problem. The authorities concerned like the police and transport could hold a meeting with the managements of the educational institutions and workout time table that could be followed for the convenience of the students as well as the general public.

B. Satish Kumar


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