Praja Rajyam contestants jittery

Special Correspondent

Want Chiru to campaign and improve their prospects

HYDERABAD: The Praja Rajyam candidates are getting jittery at the delay in finalising the GHMC election campaign schedule of its president K. Chiranjeevi.

On Saturday, he is understood to have left for Chennai on a personal engagement and his absence from the city, coupled with the general levels of secrecy over his moves are making contestants rather uneasy. All of them feel that without the star’s public appearance it would be difficult to garner votes.

In addition, the question whether or not ‘Power star’ Pawan Kalyan, president of PR youth wing Yuva Rajyam will campaign is yet to be answered. Candidates are sure that the presence of Mr. Chiranjeevi and Mr. Pawan Kalyan would definitely help their poll prospects, in the wake of a strong feeling that the tragic death of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy was bound to get the Congress ‘sympathy’ votes.

With polling on November 23, they feel that any delay in firming up Mr. Chiranjeevi’s campaign schedule would affect their chances badly.

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