Poura Samiti leaders up in arms against eviction orders

Staff Reporter

Some 20 new colonies have sprung up in the past two decades

BHADRACHALAM: The move for implementation of the eviction orders issued in connection with the LTR cases in the temple town should be reconsidered in the backdrop of the special status accorded to it as the Mahadivya Kshetram and its emergence as the national pilgrim centre, according to the leaders of the Poura Samiti, Panchineelam Kesava and B. Vishnu Vardhan Rao on Saturday.

They stated that a majority of the families that built houses in the temple town after 1970 were retired employees or those who sought to spend the twilight of their lives in the abode of Lord Rama. They were all attracted rather by the spiritual significance of the temple town than by any material gains.


Some 20 new colonies had sprung up in the past two decades. The administration had collected taxes from the houses thus built and provided amenities.

Cement roads were laid with the contributions collected from the public, especially the non-tribals. The non-tribal residents were issued licenses for taking up various business activities. Plots were allotted in the industrial area by the ITDA. The non-tribal families were given permissions for setting up educational institutions, hotels and lodges. The buildings thus built were taken for the government office on lease. The Poura Samiti leaders stated that not- even a single cent of the land in the enjoyment of the non-tribal families was acquired from the tribal communities. For that matter the tribals had no land in the town in their enjoyment during the past three decades.

The implementation of the land transfer regulation in the town had created a deep divide among the tribal and non-tribal communities which had for generations been living in peace and harmony.

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