Popularity of traditional courses on the rise

G. Ravikiran

‘Quality infrastructure, not external grandeur, matters’

Affordable education need of the hour

Meltdown impacts students’ choice

VIJAYAWADA: In these days of education becoming costlier by the day, efforts should be made to create opportunities for affordable education to meet the needs of more sections of society, says D. Rama Rao, an educationist and secretary & correspondent of Prabhas Educational Institutions.

He stresses that focus should be on encouraging average students by enabling them to get good results. Traditional courses, with subjects like mathematics and botany, are getting back their importance, with the rush for computer courses showing signs of a slowdown.

Changing scenario

Regular courses like B.Sc (mathematics, statistics and computers) and B.Com (computers) are also attracting the attention of students, of late. If a student studies B.Com (computers), he or she can study M.Sc (computers) at the PG level, points out Mr. Rama Rao.


Providing educational opportunities from ‘KG to PG’ under one roof at Prabhas Educational Institutions, which include Rama Public School, Prabhas junior and degree colleges, Prabhas B.Ed. College and Prabhas PG College, Mr. Rama Rao asserts that his goal is to give total support to students and provide ‘corporate-like’ education for average and affordable fee.

In the changing scenario, students have started preferring regular courses at the degree level like biology and mathematics. It is evident from the preference being given to BZC and MPC courses, of late, he says.

He points out that the impact of economic slowdown has caused students to look for courses that will fetch them good careers in the long run.

This has resulted in a slight fall in the rush for computer courses, with some students opting for other avenues.

Mr. Rama Rao says that it is the comfort level that is important rather than luxury for producing best results in the education sector. Regular students of Prabhas have done equally well in M.Sc computer science and microbiology courses at the university level. A girl student got 10th rank at the university level in the B.Sc course with mathematics, physics and chemistry combination.

Mr. Rama Rao advises students to look at quality laboratories and other infrastructure that is needed for quality education. It is not the external grandeur that matters but dedication that brings good results, he says.