Political power for Padmashalis sought

Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: All roads in Karimnagar district lead to the Ujwala Park on the outskirts of Karimnagar with the conduct of 14th district Padmashali (weavers community) saparivara mela on Sunday.From an ordinary weaver to big entrepreneur, politician, educationist and others belonging to weavers’ community from entire district assembled in thousands along with their families. The political convention was organised at the upcoming Regional sports school grounds and recreational programmes at Ujwala Park.Speakers at the political convention stressed on the need for fielding at least two to three candidates from the weavers’ community from the district in the coming general elections .The leaders called upon the weavers to ensure the victory of their community leaders in the elections to redress their grievances by raising their voice in the Assembly.

District Padmashali Sangham president Methuku Sathyam, Mallikarjun Dev, Laxmirajam, Rudra Srinivas, Balakrishna, and others participated.

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