Police outpost to be revived at Mallampet

Staff Reporter

KHAMMAM: The police department is planning to revive the armed outpost at Mallampet, a village on the inter- state border with Chhattisgarh. A proposal to this effect was in consideration in view of the spurt in the activities of the naxalites of the CPI (Maoist). The Maoists killed three persons at Narsingpet on Friday.

Superintendent of Police D. S. Chouhan, who visited the village a few hours after the incident, took stock of the situation prevailing in the area considered a stronghold of the Maoists. Dispelling the fears expressed by people in the area, he said the police department would give all support to people and ensure protection to their lives and properties.

He said the department viewed the Maoist sponsored violence in the pocket very seriously and it would give a befitting reply. He said that the revival of the police out post at Mallampet was on the cards. Re-establishment of the out post would require a robust building along with other logistic support.

Condemning the killing of tribals as an act of cowardice, he said it was brutal on the part of the Maoists to use one section of tribes against another. The department would act to correct the situation. It would step up its presence in the villages hit by the Maoist activity all along the border with Chhattisgarh. The police stations at Chintoor and Edugurallapallai were strong enough to cope with.

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