Police avert clash between TDP and Congress workers


MAHABUBNAGAR: The police averted a major clash between the Telugu Desam and Congress activists by resorting to caning to disperse them at Gudipally Gattu tanda reservoir on Tuesday, where both groups turned up to Nagarkurnool divisional level Rythu Chaitanya Saddassu. Supporters of TDLP deputy leader and Nagarkurnool Legislator Nagam Janardhan Reddy interrupted the agriculture officers’ speeches and tried to draw the attention of Rural Development Minister G. Chinna Reddy by complaining to him that they were denied houses and pensions under Indiramma Adarsha Gramam scheme. Janardhan Reddy in his address complained that the proposed fourth lift of KLI could not be executed as the engineering experts have already declared that it was not possible to take up the fourth lift. Contradicting him, Minister claimed that fourth lift would be undertaken at any cost by their Government and flayed previous TD government for neglecting the irrigation projects and agriculture.

The Minister also flayed the previous government for not supplying fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers in time during their regime. Irked by this comment Janardhan Reddy and Nagrkurnool MP Dr. Manda Jagannadam followed by their supporters interrupted the speech of the Minister by raising anti-slogans. The Congress workers stood up in support of the Minister and there was commotion for some time and both groups almost came to blows but due to the timely interruption of the police, the clash was averted.