Police attitude at fault

Even as most of the traffic signals are not functioning properly and many roads have the problem of bad engineering, the city police seem to be focussing more on levying fines on traffic violators rather than reducing the inconvenience to road users.

Besides the police from the traffic wing, the law and order police too are conducting ‘special drives’ to collect fines from the public for not wearing helmet/seatbelt or failing to produce certain documents. Instead of conducting these drives on main roads, the police select remote areas and hide somewhere to catch the violators. Though people are ready to pay the prescribed fine, the police, in many cases, treat them as if they have committed a grave offence. Shall we expect some change in the attitude of the city police?

M.V. Krishna Rao

Ayodhya Nagar

No to grading system

I am unable to understand the concept of grading system to be implemented in the State-run schools on the lines of the schools run by the CBSE from the next academic year. The government proposes to give grades from A1 to D2 to the students of SSC, based on their performance in the examination. At the end of the examination, the students would get their grades but not the actual marks.

This may create discrimination amongst the student community. Hence, the government is requested to continue the existing system to ensure that a cool atmosphere prevails.

A. Pattabhi

Ajit Singh Nagar

Curbing crime rate

Close coordination between public and the police is the need of the hour to curtail the crime rate. Particularly, there is a need to put an end to attacks on senior citizens and women for cash and jewellery. Housebreaks are posing another major challenge to the police, who recently nabbed a few gangs involved in burglaries. To keep a watch on the movements of strangers in residential areas, the police can use the services of senior citizens by introducing the concept of ‘neighbourhood watch’. In this concept, the police can identify senior citizens from different residential areas and ask them to keep a tab on the movements of their neighbourhood. They could contact the police in the event of exigency. This is familiar in developed nations.

Katragadda Narasayya


Blame it on movies

Our movies seem to be encouraging eve teasing. In many films, the hero starts teasing the heroine, who obviously doesn’t like it. Subsequently, she starts liking him for reasons best known to the film’s crew. How can a girl like a boy who teases her? Movies mislead the teenagers. Boys start imitating the hero and the hapless girls get acid and physical attacks. This is the sequence and trend of our movies and television shows. Can’t our censor board do something to stop this trend?

H. Kalyan Rao


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