Plea to increase MSP for paddy

Staff Reporter

Rytanga Samakhya seeks a fair deal for the farming community

ELURU: The Rytanga Samakhya has sought a fair deal from the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) in fixation of minimum support price for paddy and the other agricultural produces, keeping in mind the increasing input cost and the rising prices of the other commodities.

Addressing the media personnel here on Tuesday in connection with the visit of CACP Chairperson Suryadevera Mahendra Dev slated for July 1, samakhya honorary president Maganti Sitarama Swamy highlighted the need for an upward revision of MSP in tune with the input cost. Saying that the CACP had promised to increase the MSP for paddy from 775 to 1050 per quintal some time ago, he underlined the need for further hike in view of the spiralling prices of all the commodities.

“The price of pesticides shot up by 30 per cent in the last two weeks, so also the case of diesel. As a cascading effect, the hire charges of tractors also went up simultaneously,” Mr. Swamy said while wanting the CACP chief to decide on the MSP by taking into account these factors.

He dismissed the observation made by certain sections that the hike in the MSP for agricultural produces, if effected, would have an impact on the prices of other commodities.

Rice exports

Mr. Swamy appealed to the government to phase out curbs on the paddy exports which proved to be deterrent for the producers in getting a fair deal for their produce. “A piquant situation has prevailed in the country now in which the farmers are not getting remunerative price for the paddy even as rice is sold for Rs. 50 per kg in international market.”