Phyto Remediation to reduce pollution

Varieties of plants grown to clean polluted areas

Medak district, particularly Patancheru and Pasamylaram, has been dealing with high pollution levels in the country.

Even the industrialists were worried about the pollution problem and trying to reduce it to the possible extent while not compromising on the production side. The industrialists were recently introduced to a new technology – Phyto Remediation, an eco-friendly energy saving solutions – to clean the pollution and they were expressing eagerness to test the technology. Phyto Remediation is a technology that uses large varieties of plants to clean the contaminated sites. It is sustainable, low maintenance and easy to implement, according to Mr. B. Sravan, representative of Honey-Technologies. It has tied up with AYALA Water and Ecology, an Israel-based company, which has been implementing the technology since 90s. AYALA has been into research for identifying the best plants that reduces different pollutants, he added.

The system can be implemented for cleaning rivers and lakes, treating industrially polluted sites, in treating municipal and agricultural wastage, ecological parks, treating the polluted smoke released by the industries and treatment of contaminated soil – degradation of sludges. Some of the industrialists recently came across the new technology and expressed interest to implement it on pilot basis.

The technology can be tailor made to the requirements of any particular industry. Eli Cohen, an Israeli scientist who developed the system, was expected to visit Hyderabad in August for an interaction with the industrialists.

“I am very much impressed with the new technology, which is nature-friendly. We want to have an interactive session with Mr. Eli Cohen. Member Secretary of the Pollution Control Board and industrialists will be invited to take part in the programme,'' A. Venkata Reddy, Managing Director, Lee Pharama, informed The Hindu, adding that they would be taking up the project on pilot basis.

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