Pensioners’ woes

Why do the banks insist on producing life certificates to draw the monthly pension when the pensioner is en-cashing the cheque with the latest photograph affixed to the pass book . It is an ordeal to get the certificate signed by a gazetted officer.

Ch. Raja Rao,


Fatwa against terrorism

It is heartening to note that Dharma Raksha Manch is asking the 13 Islamic institutions to issue ‘fatwas’ against terrorism and ‘jihad.’ Now it is time for these organisations to express their solidarity .

R.M.V. Bharath,


’Cinema Pradesh’

Due to the influx of film actors into politics, perhaps for the first time the future political map is in a confusing state as to which party would occupy the treasury benches. AP would be well known as ‘Cinema Pradesh’ in months to come.

C.V.K. Mohan Varma,


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