Pawan Kalyan visits Karimullah dargah

Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: Yuva Rajyam president and film star Pawan Kalyan has offered prayers at Karimullah Shah dargah in Karimnagar town on Saturday before leaving to Warangal .He came to the durgah along with Praja Rajyam party leaders Velichala Rajender, Mohd.Arif Ahmed and others and offered prayers. He also inquired with the local leaders about the historical importance of the dargah in the town. Earlier, he held a meeting with party leaders and thanked the district leaders for ensuring the success of his four-day yatra. He also discussed strategies for strengthening of the party from the grassroots’ level and involvement of more youth in the organizational structure. He also garlanded the statue of Anabheri Prabhakar and paid floral tributes in the town.

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