Pangolin strays into varsity campus

Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: An Indian Pangolin strayed into the Acharya Nagarjuna University campus on Monday creating a flutter among the students at the Department of Sociology.

The students could confine the Manis crassicaudata, (Indian pangolin) as it did not harm them and brought it to the notice of the university Vice-Chancellor, who in turn informed Forest Department officials.

The Guntur Forest Ranger Srinivasa Rao, visited the university and safely took it back to the reserve forest near Mangalagiri and release dit there, as that was the natural habitat of the animal with scales.

The forester said that they walk mainly on their hind legs, but keep their body horizontal to the ground, dragging their tail behind them. Pangolins do not have any teeth, instead, they use their claws to break open ant or termite nests and capture the occupants with their long sticky tongue.

Acharya Nagarjuna University also being rich with forest cover, Pangolins could survive there, he observed. Such animals straying into human habitat had come to the notice of the department and 15 of them were released in the jungle again, he added.

A majority of them were found in Prathipadu, Kondaveedu, and other regions with forest cover. The Pangolins was covered with horny scales and looked a shade of white which overlapped and protected the body.

Only predators with powerful jaws like large cats and hyenas, can break through the Pangolins’ armour, said Mr. Srinivasa Rao, but were not in the Schedule-I list of animals, which were supposed to be rare and endangered.

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