Oxford’s latest Advanced Learner’s Dictionary out

Aparna Alluri

HYDERABAD: The world’s most trusted dictionary just added another edition to its list. Oxford’s latest offering, the eighth edition of the Advanced Leaner’s Dictionary was launched here on Wednesday.

The countless words, carefully constructed word-families, generously scattered ‘grammar points’ and well-chosen synonyms are likely to answer any muddle over the English vocabulary.

1,000 new words

The 1,000 new words, amusing in parts but always informative, make for an interesting perusal. But what makes it unique is the Oxford Writing Tutor, tucked away in the back of the bulky volume. Stretching over 30 pages, it is a practical guide to improve writing among students, job applicants and working people.

“It’s best to use simple definitions,” says Alison Waters, Publishing Manger for the English Teaching Dictionaries brought out by the Oxford University Press. “I love that English is so flexible,” she told The Hindu in an interview hours before the launch. “The vocabulary is always growing, borrowing from everywhere.” How does Oxford keep track of new additions, slang, changing meanings and dying words? That would be the work of the two-billion-strong digital corpus. “It tracks fiction, newspaper reports, court transcripts and all kinds of communication in English,” she explains.

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