Old rituals revived to salvage tradition

S. Harpal Singh

Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s community celebrations persist

Rani Sati mandal organises Burra kathas

Another mandal sings bhajans every night

ADILABAD: The British left the country eons ago but the relevance of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s community celebrations of Ganesh festival continue.

In the backdrop of diminishing values that are affecting the celebrations, some Ganesh mandals have made efforts to revive old traditions this year.

Folk tradition

The Rani Sati mandir Ganesh mandal has organised burra kathas by local artists on a daily basis in tune with one of the aims to preserve the folk traditions.

Members of another Ganesh mandal in Vidyanagar sing bhajans every night fulfilling another of the aim with which the custom was established in 1893.

Tirpalli’s Ram Mandir Ganesh mandal Place the idol of Lord Ganesh and the statue of Tilak are made in clay.

Guidelines followed

“I have also followed the guidelines prescribed in the Vaastu Shastra while making the idols. This was a prerequisite when the festivities had started,” observed Hari Sripad Rao, the sculptor, who is an officer with the Deccan Grameena Bank.

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