Nod awaited for water supply project

Ramesh Susarla

The project can take care of 100 days of supply to the city during peak summer months

At present GMC spends about Rs. 30 lakh a month to pump water

GUNTUR: Getting drinking water for Guntur city through gravity flow may sound like a ‘pipe dream’ but it is indeed a pipe -- 70 km long, which is being dreamt of to carry 1.5 tmc of water from Nakarekallu in Palnadu region of the district that could take care of the city needs for the next two decades.

At present a small Panchayat Raj tank at Nakarekallu is taking care of drinking water supply to Narsaraopet town, but the Lingamguntla NSP Canals Division of the Irrigation Department, has come up with a proposal to create a balancing reservoir at Nakarekallu between the two hillocks, that could store up to 1.5 tmc when water in the NSP Right canal is released. Lingamguntla Circle Superintending Engineer K. Rayal told The Hindu that if a pipeline is laid from Nakarekallu to Guntur with a small balancing reservoir in this 70-km stretch of telescopic distance between the two places, water need not be pumped at all spending lakhs of rupees per month for domestic supply.

A project report has been sent to the State Government for approval of a Rs.41.6 -crore project to create the reservoir. This can take care of 100 days of supply to the city during peak summer months.

The Guntur Municipal Corporation now spends between Rs.25 lakh and Rs.30 lakh a month to pump water from Guntur Channel and from Mangalagiri to Takellapadu. After filtering it, further pumping will be done for supplying water to entire population of the city that has a gradient from West to East and all water resources situated on its eastern boundary.

Now it remains to be seen how much political will the people’s representatives have to get a project sanctioned to bring this water to the city to provide a permanent solution and save money for the GMC.