No fear of putting on weight!

Staff Reporter

They gobble down delicious cakes within a few seconds

VISAKHAPATNAM: Who can resist the sweet smell of cream-loaded cakes and roasted almonds? Definitely none can, especially if it is a cake-eating competition. For the participants of the cake-eating competition organised by 93.5 FM, Fusion Foods and Sowndarya Digital Mall on Monday, it took hardly a few seconds to gobble down the delicious creamy cakes.

The participants came from all age groups and the contest was held in batches of 10. In the preliminary rounds the participants had to finish off five cakes within 30 seconds. The one who finished the most number of cakes went through to the final round. While many could finish hardly two at the end of it, there were a few who managed to gulp down all the five and asked for more. The children too gave a tough fight to the elders as they tried to hurriedly finish off their portions. There were some who wanted to have the cake and eat it too and demanded to take back the left over cakes as well!

After a keenly fought contest, seven of the participants made it to the finals. In the final round, each contestant was given 10 cakes and the time limit was one minute. As the time started, the crowd around the finalists cheered and motivated them all along. At the end, the winner was Pydah Raju who managed to finish all the ten cakes within a minute and the runner-up was Pramod who finished off nine cakes.

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