Narayana cautions TRS chief against truck with Congress

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Terms Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s move ill-timed

Congress criticised on land distribution

‘Attack’ on PRP activists in Pulivendula condemned

VISAKHAPATNAM: Telanga Rashtra Samithi president K. Chandrasekhara Rao’ s plan to have truck with the Congress would cost the TRS dearly, according to Communist Party of India State secretary K. Narayana.

Addressing a media conference here on Thursday, the CPI secretary described the Congress as a ‘fireball’ and advised the TRS president to keep away from it. He said the TRS idea came at the most inopportune time as all other Opposition parties decided to join hands against the Congress.

Mr. Narayana said that the Left parties had been organising struggles for the last four years seeking distribution of land and house-site pattas to the poor. The Congress had also promised in its election manifesto to distribute land to the poor. “Bowing to our pressure, the Koneru Ranga Rao Committee was constituted but its recommendations were not implemented,” he said.

He alleged that while denying land to the poor, the Rajasekhara Reddy government in collusion with realtors was auctioning government lands and jacking up the prices of land. The acquisition of thousands of acres of lands in the name of SEZ s and Coastal Corridor was leading to social inequalities and unrest among the masses.

Ridiculing the statement of APIIC Managing Director B.P. Acharya that not even an inch of land was acquired without the consent of the people, he alleged that revenue and police officials were forcing farmers to part with their lands after paying them meagre compensation.

Land distribution

Mr. Narayana felt that distribution of land to the landless poor would only help them stand on their feet. The Chief Minister, who was making tall claims of spending one lakh crore rupees on projects, was not evincing any interest in alleviating the miseries of the poor. He announced that the CPI once again forcibly occupy government lands and distribute it to the poor as it was left with no other choice.

Referring to the agitation by the Congress leaders against him (Narayana), he said that his remarks against injustice to the fishing community were distorted and given a ‘caste colour’ by the Congress. He said that he wouldn’t be cowed down by such threats.

On the attack on Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) rally at Pulivendla, he described it as ‘undemocratic’ and hoped that the Congress should abstain from creating obstacles in the campaign of other parties.

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