Nani fever grips Praja Rajyam

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He dashes off a letter to Chiranjeevi seeking action to reform party

Infighting begins in the party

Dissidents look for indications from party

VIJAYAWADA: After Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) raised a banner of revolt, even more leaders have started expressing dissatisfaction and dissidence against the Praja Rajyam Party leadership. Though they are happy over some minor steps being taken for balance of power in urban unit, they are waiting for more indications to continue in the PRP.

Nani shot off an undated letter addressed to Chiranjeevi seeking his urgent action to reform the party and reassure members from other communities. Nani said in the unsigned letter that only one caste was happy in the PRP, while other OCs, BCs, SC, ST and minorities were facing uncertainty.

Meanwhile, senior leader Katari Eeswara Kumar, former mayor Tadi Sakuntala, Gannavaram ticket aspirant Tankasala Subba Rao and others have stepped up pressure on the PRP for taking active measures in controlling groups that are close to the Allu Aravind relatives and also to Vijayawada East MLA Vangaveeti Radhakrishna. These leaders have been staying away from the PRP activities.

However, the dissident leaders asserted at a press conference that they were still in the PRP and that they were awaiting indications from the leadership for recognition to them in the form of posts.

Mr. Eeswara Kumar and Ms. Sakuntala called a press conference saying that it was about an announcement of their resignation from the PRP. But refraining from doing that they said they wanted the leadership to take steps to make them continue in the party.


Tankasala Subba Rao, who hails from kapu community, was said to have objected to the manner in which only those close to the Aravind relatives’ family were being encouraged in the urban party affairs.

He reportedly questioned the rationale behind the Aravind relatives interfering in the PRP activities on a regular basis.

A kind of situation was prevailing wherein kapus not related to Aravind’s relatives here were not being given a say in the party affairs, some kapu leaders alleged.

Kesineni Nani, who is on the verge of quitting the party, is still awaiting a response from Chiranjeevi to know his exact intentions.

The Nani fever seems to have gripped the other leaders as well, who bring pressure on the party to reform its urban unit more so that they will have a key role.

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