Much to choose from for movie goers in May

K.N. Murali Sankar

Four big budget movies slated for release

Big budget movies shown with a week gap is a rarity

‘Simultaneous release will have an impact on its run’

VIJAYAWADA: With four big budget movies slated for release, May is going to be a happening month for the film exhibitors in the city.

While Allu Arjun-starrer ‘Parugu’ is going to hit the theatres on May Day, NTR Junior-starrer ‘Kantree’ is slated for release on May 7. ‘Bujjigadu Made in Chennai’ with Prabhas in the lead is scheduled to be released on May 15, which will be followed by Balakrishna’s mythological film ‘Pandurangadu’, which is expected to be released on May 28.

As all the four actors have considerable fan following in the city, film distributors are taking care in selecting theatres to release the films. This is making the exhibitors, who otherwise make rounds to the offices of distributors, a bit choosy about picking up a movie of their choice. The managements of all the 14 air-conditioned theatres in the city and the 39 non air-conditioned theatres in the city and on the outskirts are being contacted by one distributor or the other almost every day.

The trend of releasing big budget films in as many theatres as possible for the first few weeks is fast catching up in the industry, which has created a demand even for ordinary theatres located on the outskirts of the city. “Though many producers feel that summer is the right time to release their films, four big budget movies hitting theatres with a gap of one week each is a rarity,” says G. Viswanath, managing director of Poorna Pictures Private Limited. “Since every producer wants to screen his film in the best of the existing theatres, they have started the process of blocking the theatres,” he explains.

Pre-release hype

Pre-release hype is another issue that makes the exhibitors unsure about the run of the movie. “Hype is more or less the same for all the four movies. Non-availability of theatres on the outskirts of the city is the main issue now,” says R.V. Bhupal Prasad, secretary of the Vijayawada Film Exhibitors Association.

“Simultaneous release of films in more number of theatres will have an impact on the duration of its run. If a film released in more number of theatres, collections will come down from the second or third week in many theatres, forcing us to change the film. Though May is a busy month with many releases, we may have to witness a slump in June,” predicts S. Sriram, proprietor of Jyothi Mahal Theatre near Benz Circle.

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