Mocktail preparation in focus

Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Yummy mocktails like the Strawberry Fantasy and Fruit Punch, served in fancy glasses topped with colourful garnishes, are a favourite of all at parties and get-togethers.

At Hotel Green Park, bartenders Venugopal and Ravishankar and F&B Manager Samit Kumar revealed the simple secrets that go into the making of these refreshing drinks at a workshop organised for students of Etasi Timpany School on Monday.

“It’s very easy to make the mocktails once you know the basic techniques to follow. Some mocktails have to be made by the ‘shake method’ and some with the ‘stir method’,” explained Samit Kumar to the enthusiastic gathering of eager students.

The workshop started with the preparation of simpler mocktails like Mint Julip.


What followed next was a series of colourful mocktails like Sea Beach, Green Temptation, Sea and Surf, Mango Bloom, Caribbean Exotica.

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