Mistakes found in physics syllabus

Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: A retired physics professor from Bapatla College D.V. Brahmaji has prepared a list of mistakes in English and Telugu Physics books published by Academy for Intermediate First and Second year in Andhra Pradesh.

Talking to The Hindu here, Mr. Brahmaji said that he had given a list of pages on which unrelated topics and mistakes appear and also has given point by point correction and explanation for all the mistakes. The publishers, however, had not responded positively so far and the examinations were not far off, he said and wanted them to publish an booklet with corrections to be supplied to all colleges.

He has threatened to go on a hunger strike in front of Intermediate Board office in Hyderabad from Jan. 1, if the mistakes are not rectified immediately as this was deteriorating the quality of physics education in colleges. “It is the duty of the publishers to properly check the proof and carryout all corrections so that students do not learn wrong lessons,” he opines.

He could be contacted over phone No. 99635 22120.