Minor blip in application costs students dear

Staff Reporter

Some colleges forget to enter the words ‘self-financed’

103 complaints received so far, out of which 67 are addressed

GUNTUR: A minor blip while feeding the student’s data during the submission of on-line application forms for reimbursement of tuition fees (RTF) for self financed degree/PG courses has left more than 100 students belonging to Backward Classes in the district waiting in the lurch. Some degree colleges while feeding the data of the students had forgotten to enter the words- `self financed (SF)’, and as a result the students got only reimbursement of just Rs.2,670, as against the fees reimbursement of Rs.20,000.

This is one of the several findings of the BC Scholarships Social Audit Committee in the district.

The committee which was formed in June with a mandate to inspect the colleges and verify the records pertaining to reimbursement of scholarships threw light on several issues, including irregularities on the part of college managements in disbursing post-matric scholarships, opening up bank accounts and providing ATMs, improper maintenance of records etc.

``We have received 103 complaints so far, out of which 67 were addressed,” said committee convener, A. Vara Prasad Yadav. Citing the anomaly in filling up of the form, he said 2,426 students across the state were still waiting to get the fees reimbursement.

The State Government had disbursed Rs.19.58 crore of post-matric scholarships to 38, 264 students, while 28,406 BC students availed tuition fees reimbursement of Rs.22.59 crore.

During regular inspections, the committee found that an Engineering College in Guntur Rural Limits has not been maintaining registers properly and for some time withheld scholarships.

In some colleges, principals were found have withdrawn the money meant for scholarships.

``We have submitted our reports to the District BC Welfare Officer and will also report to the State level committee,” said Mr. Yadav.

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