Memorial mania

Statues and memorials, if installed with noble intentions, truly perpetuate the sacred memory of great leaders. But, of late, memorials for the departed political leaders and statues even for those leaders like Mayavati who are alive and kicking, smack of myopic partisanship sans national interest.

In this context, the Supreme Court was right in directing the UP Government to stop constructing memorials and statues at the expense of the tax payer.

Now, in Andhra Pradesh, loyalists of late Chief Minister YSR are bent upon raising a memorial for YSR by removing the forest cover at Nallamala forests which is a habitat of wild life.

In Maharashtra, the NCP-Congress Government proposes to erect a Rs.350 crore memorial for Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj not in Mumbai, but in the Arabian Sea.

Great leaders are enshrined in the hearts of the people and not in memorials in stone.

S.M. Kompella,


Insult to Telugu

Hanging placards around the neck of children saying they will not speak Telugu, is an insult to our mother tongue. If a child wanted to learn English, the child has to know mother tongue first.

It is time the authorities took severe action against those speaking ill of Telugu.

Dadala Subbarao,


No relief

While thanks are due to the Railways for removing the ‘monster middle berth’, i.e., the side middle berth in compartments, it is found that the side upper berth is still hanging low with people struggling with it. I appeal to the railways to restore the side upper berth to its original position it occupied a couple of years ago.

Sanatan Das,


Redress grievances

The State Government and the Visakhapatnam district administration have done a commendable job trying to mitigate the grievances of the citizens through grievance cell using the information technology. However, out of 124 grievances registered under the ‘other category’, only 12 have been redressed with 111 pending since June last year. I appeal to the dynamic Collector J. Shyamala Rao, the fourth IITian administrator in a row chosen by the Government to service the city of destiny to clear all grievances at the earliest. His effort to streamline the functioning of the KGH speaks volumes of his zeal.

Chintalapudi Kasturi,

Visakhapatnam (Readers are requested to furnish full address in their mail without which the letters will not be considered for publication in this column)

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