Meet plumps for solar energy

Special Correspondent

Subsidy-bashers are not justified, says expert

HYDERABAD: V. Subramanian, secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, has criticised those "within the Government" opposing the subsidies for tapping solar energy on the ground they would harm the economy.

At a national conference here on Saturday on "solar energy options", organised by the Administrative Staff College of India and Tata- BP Solar, Mr. Subramanian said that on the contrary subsidies would spur economic activity. "The US and many European countries allow subsidies for solar energy," he said. He said a misinformation campaign was on against India in the global fora that increase in electricity generation and per capita consumption here posed threat to global environment. The fact was that per capita power consumption in Europe was double that of India and in the US, it was 25 times higher.

Mr. Subramanian stressed the need for India taking to solar energy in a big way as the present power generation was based on fossil fuels like coal and gas, which were bound to exhaust in 150 years. He regretted that solar panels were not marketed properly.