Medical store employee robbed of Rs. 13,000

Two persons robbed a medical store employee of Rs. 13,000 after attacking him with a razor on Wednesday morning on L.B. Nagar-Saroornagar main road.

Hari Prasad, 26, said that after he opened the Hetero medical shop in the morning a stranger aged about 30 approached him around 8.30 a.m. seeking a bandage. The person left after collecting the bandage and returned after a few minutes.

“This time he asked for some medicine pointing to a shelf. While I walked to the shelf, the stranger and his associate came from behind and dragged me to a corner,” Prasad told the L.B. Nagar police. While one intruder slashed his throat with a razor , the other held a toy pistol threatening to kill him if he raised an alarm.

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